blues band x
Any 1
(Just gathered.)

pere Listener
Josรฉ Bass Guitar
HEY JOE Keyboard
Spain · United States

Micha Drums
Wolfgang Keyboard
Linode Cloud
Any 1

Peter Violin
No Name
Malaysia · United States

These musicians are connected now. Often with is probably the musician online now who you've spent the most time with. Tot. Time is every minute you've been active on a public server since this website rebooted.

NameCountryInstrumentNow OnOften OnOften WithSvrs JoinedTot. Time
HEY JOEUnited StatesKeyboardblues band xTheCoffeehouse248:27
pereSpainListenerblues band xDirectory Server81:40
jimmyCanadaKeyboardPortableDirectory Server411:21:05
WolfgangGermanyKeyboardAJDE!St. Aposteln Kรถln30:19
JosรฉSpainBass Guitarblues band x10:03

Sometimes when you can't find the server in Jamulus, you can paste the server's IP:PORT into the Server Address field on the Connection Setup dialog box.

Andre's UK Sound139.162.251.38:22124
blues band x83.40.203.27:22124
Andre's US Sound69.164.213.250:22124
Bit a Bit189.126.207.3:22124
Bit a Bit #2179.228.137.154:22124

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A: This web page shows who is on every public Jamulus server.

Q: Who uses this?
A: Earlier today, there were 21 musicians watching this page.

Q: How often does this list update?
A: See an update every 2 minutes.

Q: How do I find my friends?
A: Click a musician's name to select them. Selected names stay selected (until someone changes their name). If you login, you'll also see pink highlights around people you jam with the most.

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